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Welcome to Smilehaven Dental Center!

Thank you for visiting the website of Smilehaven Dental Center, a distinguished dental care provider conveniently located in La Mesa, California. We are a wellness-oriented practice that aims to put our patients in a state of homeostasis, or internal balance. We pride ourselves on providing dental treatment that is bio-compatible, natural, holistic and green. Our highly qualified team of experienced professionals will work to create an individualized treatment plan specifically designed to address your unique needs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each of our patients receives superlative care that is not only efficient and effective, but also biologically and environmentally responsible.

Biocompatible Materials

We are concerned with your total health, which means we only use the most biocompatible and safe dental materials in our office, and inform and encourage our patients to use natural, safe dental materials in their at-home hygiene regimens.

Whole Body Health

Our concern for our patients goes beyond just their mouths! We want to provide you with whole body health, which is why we offer holistic dentistry and help with nutrition. Let us keep you on the right track to a healthy life!

Periolase LANAP

We use the latest technological advances to ensure that your treatment is second to none, including the Periolase LANAP system for the treatment of periodontal disease. Our LANAP system helps reduce inflammation and discomfort and promotes faster healing.

At Smilehaven Dental Center, we look forward to seeing you smile!