General Blood Flow


The Key to a Healthy Functional Body; To function properly your body circulates more than five quarts of blood to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones, regulate your PH, and support essentially every cell, organ and process in your body.


ULCERS, SWELLING, DISCOLORED SKIN, VARICOSE VEINS, NUMBNESS & TINGLING start to develop in your hands, feet and legs. It is important to address early as infections and nerve damage can result.

HAIR LOSS AND WEAK NAILS – Dry brittle hair and nails are a clear sign that your body isn’t getting the right amount of nutrients into them.

WEAKNED IMMUNE SYSTEM –Your body’s ability to detect and fight off pathogens and remain healthy will also be affected by a slower blood flow. You may pick up illnesses much easier and last longer because of the sluggish antibodies. You may find that wounds and injuries take much longer to heal.

COLD HANDS AND FEET – When your blood flows at optimal speed it helps to keep your body temperature at a healthy and comfortable level. If your circulation is poor, the process of regulating temperature is interfered with. This causes chilly feelings, in areas with a lot of nerve endings like hands and feet.

TIRED/EXHAUSTED – When blood flow is slowed down, it restricts the amount of fuel delivered to your muscles. With less oxygen and nutrients fueling your muscles you’ll feel tired much quicker. Many experience shortness of breath, sore muscles, and less endurance during daily activities.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) – Men experience an insufficient amount of blood flow in the reproductive organs. It becomes increasingly difficult to perform sexual tasks and may eventually stop completely.

CHEST PAIN – Less blood flowing to the heart, causes shortness of breath, a tight feeling of pressure in the chest and arms. The heavy feeling will come and go randomly and can mimic indigestion. Something not to be ignored as it may lead to a heart attack.

LIVER/KIDNEY FAILURE-The liver and kidneys are the filters of waste for the body. Toxins build up in these organs without proper blood flow and damage occurs to these vital organs. Since the kidneys regulate your fluids you retain it and can lead to abdominal swelling.

POOR MENTAL FUNCTION & SLEEP PROBLEMS – The brain relies heavily on blood flow to function properly. You might feel less focused and unable to concentrate. It can negatively affect sleep and your short- and long-term memory.

As you can see, poor blood circulation can affect your body significantly. While treating the symptoms can bring some relief, it’s best to address the root cause of the problem and improve your blood circulation.


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