Meet Dr. Chan

Meet Dr. Chan, DMD


At Smilehaven Dental Center, we’re proud to provide all of the cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments that you’ll find at any other dentist’s office in and around El Cajon and La Mesa, CA. However, where we differ from other cosmetic dentists is that our practice utilizes holistic dentistry, an approach where we focus on whole-body health instead of just the mouth. By visiting a holistic dentist, you’ll essentially get more for the same cost as our prices are comparable to traditional general and cosmetic dentists. As an added bonus, we’re also the one of the only holistic dentistry practice around that accepts insurance. We hope you’ll come visit us sometime and meet our terrific holistic dentist, Dr. Stephen L. Chan!


Dr. Stephen L. Chan is a dentist with special emphasis in bio-compatible, biological, green, natural, and holistic dentistry. He has expertise in all major aspects of dentistry, including general and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Chan has over 30 years of experience and also keeps up with all the latest techniques in dentistry as well. He has a regular dental column in the health section of a local newspaper to educate the public on the newest trends in dentistry. He’s dedicated to utilizing the most effective technology to create outstanding smiles for his patients and help them to achieve better health.

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